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September 21, 2016


I am very happy and proud to announce the release of my second album "Henriette - The Princess of the Viol" on September 29th for Deutsche Grammophon!

This album is an homage to Princess Anne Henriette of France, a daughter of King Louis XV. She was an extraordinary viol player and inspired many composers of her time. Together with Christoph Prendl (viol), Michele Carreca (Theorbo, baroque guitar) and Ewald Donhoffer (Harpsichord) we play music by Marin Marais, Jean-Baptiste Forqueray and Louis de Caix d`Hervelois. Come with us and discover the wonderful world of Madame Henriette of France!

"Henriette - The Princess of the Viol" (Deutsche Grammophon), Release Date: 29th September 2016, will be available at music stores and online.

Available on iTunes and Amazon


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