Maddalena’s world


Maddalena was born in Italy and started studying music at a very early age. At the age of four, she began learning the piano and gradually added the cello and singing to her musical repertoire. Years later, at the age of 13, her musical talent brought her to Vienna, where she studied the cello at the “Konservatorium Wien”. She first came in contact with the viola da gamba when she entered a record shop in the heart of Vienna and was mesmerized by an enchanting sound she would never forget.

She still finished her studies as a cellist, received a MA and performed in many concert halls as a soloist and chamber musician. All this time, she never forgot the viol and secretly honed her skills until, one day, she decided to make the viol her focal point and to dedicate her life to baroque music.

In 2012, this dedication brought her to the final of the international competition “Principe Francesco Maria Ruspoli” in the category viola da gamba. Maddalena was also a jury member at an international competition in Italy and appeared on stages in Europe and China. Apart from playing baroque music, she is also very interested in research on this era.

Text by Anna Pucher


Charity work is very important for Maddalena. She is founding president of the “Juvenilia Club Wien”, which supports several charity organizations and advocates women rights all over the world."

Maddalena also supports the “Sterntalerhof”. This is a non-profit organization, which offers help and a place to stay for terminally ill children and their families, to spend the last part of their life in a dignified way, supported by therapists, specially trained therapy horses and surrounded by nature.

I have the feeling

"I have the feeling that the sound of the viol can heal and calm, and I love the idea that maybe I can help people in the audience to forget their troubles and can brighten their day."

A very baroque concert...

I just love candlelight. The atmosphere when there are just candles is incredible - also for concerts!

…not the "grandmother" of the cello

People often ask me what are the differences between the cello and the viola da gamba. For the audience, the two instruments look very similar, but indeed they are really quite different. Cellists can not automatically play the viola da gamba, and neither can viol players automatically play cello.

Silk and lace

One of my hobbies is  researching about historical costumes. The gowns of the baroque period are real masterpieces. And the shoes!!!!

Flowers, please!

Peonies and cornflowers are my favorite flowers

Where to travel

Paris is one of my favorite cities…


My favorite instrument to play with the viol is of course the harpsichord!

Move to the music!

Maddalena started to have ballet lessons at the age of 4. Since then, she never stopped dancing…

More hobbies...

Maddalena is also very interested in poetry and history

The city of dreams

Vienna is the city where I live

Baroque garden

My viola da gamba in a beautiful baroque maze

Which One Doesn't Belong?

What would I buy in a book shop?

Magic gardens

this was a concert in a beautiful hidden gardenafter a while, also the nature started vibrating…

"interesting" concerts

The strangest place I played a concert was a tropical island…


I love to dance. Every kind of dance...

more flowers...

flowers make me happy!